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tools needed now vs tools desired later

  • Torque drivers + Torque meter for calibrating torque drivers
    • Are these immediately necessary? Or can we add them to the list of "things to get later"? How much does a normal set cost?

Email From Critical Mass

Interested in setting up a community bike workshop in Auckland?!

A small group of folks have been thinking how awesome this would be for a wee while, and we are keen to see who else is similarly keen and excited to get things up and moving. The idea at this stage is to rent a space where there can be set opening hours for members of the public to come and fix their bikes, learn from others about maintenance skills, and even build up new bikes.

The space could be not-for-profit, collectively and volunteer run “free and autonomous” space where people can learn new skills, and share their own knowledge regarding bikes. There are a few different ideas for how we would finance the project, but people could koha for the use of tools and assistance. To get things started, there is already cash available from previous fundraising; so there is a good foundation to build on.

We have a few spaces in mind but are keen to start up free bike fixing in public places as we work towards gaining a venue.

Nothing is set in stone however, and we want anyone and everyone to become part of this project and shape it together - as this will be important for the ongoing sustainability of the bike workshop.

There is a meeting organised to gauge interest and discuss the way forward, details are:

Wednesday May 26th 7pm

CitySide hall, 8 Mt Eden Road (opp Powerstation)

Hot drinks and snacks provided :)

This is an open meeting, please spread the word. If you are interested but can't make the meeting, or have any questions please email

See ya there!

Comment... include them

Is highly highly unlikely I'll be able to make this because it is on the same night my birthday is, however I think it would be a good idea to combine with as it makes both groups strong as they share similar goals. So include on the list a few specific bike tools? Chain breaker, floor pump, & wrenches (for bottom bracket, spokes, & cassette). That is all, anything else is tools you would already be getting. And that list to get 2ndhand or off Torpedo7 would be fairly cheap to gradually build up. David 03:18, 19 May 2010 (UTC)


An idea for fundraising is once a month get together at the space and we spend a whole day creating works which can be sold to raise funds. That way another source of cash can be found through blood and sweat and not just plain cold cash directly. David 03:24, 19 May 2010 (UTC)


Is there any way that we could get sponsorship (or at least some attention from or alignment with) TV3's current television series | Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger? The ethos of that show seems to be very much in line with what Tangleball is all about. Augur 04:14, 20 March 2011 (NZDT)


Possibly migrate the bike workshop(?) to a page for Fundraising or Events? It deserves consideration in it's own right, and not merely as a foot note to Resources

Ownership & Responsibility

Suggest taking digital still of equipment to denote ownership & condition, & uploading to a service like Flickr or Picasa, and/or to the local server

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