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Tuesday meetings

  • We have a meeting every week
  • We keep minutes of every meeting
  • The facilitator and minute-taking roles are rotated each week, all are encouraged to take on the role
  • The treasurer announces income and expenditures for the past and coming week
  • Announcements are not to be discussed, but may be moved to the discussion area if necessary
  • Other items are to be discussed
  • Be polite and respectful to others in the meeting - no abuse, shouting, etc. Remember the Non-Discrimination Policy
  • At the end, we discuss how to make the meeting better
  • Anyone can add items to the agenda board if they wish
  • Add initials to the board for your items
  • One person talking at a time
  • Expedite function: don't rely solely on the facilitator to keep things on track, all can do so
  • The squeaky ball is to keep things on point, and to keep things moving, but it does not have to be used if it is not necessary
  • Raise your hand if more than one person wants to speak at once
  • If an item goes for too long (generally more than five minutes), move it to the end of the meeting, possibly also to another time, say the weekend. After working through the topic, bring it back to a Tuesday meeting to be debated again.
  • Stay on topic
  • No-one is prevented from speaking, whether a member or guest
  • Consensus is aimed for, voting is only used as a last resort
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