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Male 21 and a bit, quite a bit actually, hur hur. with a sense of humour. School teacher of year 5 and 6 munchkins. Teaching them the benefits of humor, sarcasm and shrugging off insults.


Mount Eden Shoe box, hence the need for a "space to do my projects"


Very eclectic, let's see, Art [paint, pen and ink, pastel etc.] Clay sculpture.

Playing with computers to a small degree, although I am catching the bug.

Making stuff out of other stuff, or modifying things to alternate purposes.

Sailing, Cycling, Outdoor pursuits,

Current Projects

Sunburst sailing dinghy quietly mouldering at my place, needs finishing fixing and the trailer modifying so I can begin my life on the ocean wave.

Build a bowling machine from found and inexpensive materials.

Modify a friends letterbox.

Skills and experience

Qualified fitter turner. Boiler Attendant. 20 yrs experience maintaining and building food production equipment. Fabrication, welding, sheet metal, machining, building maintenance. Food Safety, OSH committee, First Aid responder,


A school teacher, which means I am also a paramedic, psychologist, lunch monitor, social worker, crowd control officer, security consultant, editor, governmental pinata [during elections] and educator. [with my tongue wedged firmly in my cheek]

And Tanglball Member.

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