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I run a bar which typically eats my weekends, I once built a beehive (from found materials) but they flew away one day (, and I have a long history of software development experience which is mostly just a hobby now, and I'm designing a trailer-based tiny home and will start building in the spring. I've started a facebook group based on tiny houses in the Auckland area: Tiny Auckland

what i would like out of the creative space

There haven't been many projects and interests mentioned by group members that I am not hugely interested in, such as electronics/robotics/fabricators, art projects, food hacks, woodworking, alternative energy projects of all kinds, bicycling, general DIY skills and projects, recycle/reuse/upcycling projects and more.

what can i share at creative space

I've got a good amount of my tools at the space and plenty of tools, materials, furnishings and so on that I've donated.

My initial goal when joining Tangleball was to commit to seeing the group solidify into an official, registered organisation with a secured location. The next challenge was to make sure Tangleball became fiscally secure with enough members and support to see it well in to the future. This has also been accomplished.

other stuff

I am enjoying the opportunity to learn and refine many skills, and learn from the masters that we are attracting. And of course there's the opportunity to meet and work on projects with a great bunch of people, regardless of skill level :) We've really got a fun group of good people.

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