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30-something South African expatriate, living & working in NZ for a little over 2 years now.

Been involved in numerous industries, including (but bit limited to):

  • IT & Telecoms
  • Media & Advertising
  • even part-owner of a cemetery

Enjoy a *very wide* field of interests.

Presently starting up own business, Workshop Enterprises Ltd, providing support to NZ small & medium business (SME/SMB), specializing in (hopefully) providing OpenSource based solutions. As such, am on the lookout for skilled individuals willing to participate; either in exchange for work/resources from other participants, or for an income (job-by-job). At this stage it's all in flux, until a clear notion is formulated of how the business is to proceed.

Since there are parallels, hoping to model the business along similar lines (turning a "hobby" into a profession)


Random Project Ideas

  • Steampunk it all!
  • DiscoBall helmet
  • Build a Freedom Toaster
  • Stirling Engine generator
  • Compressed air regenerative motor (motor/generator-combo)
  • MicroBlogging access-control
  • Weekly Meeting PodCast/VidCast
  • Projector + Kinect + WiiMotes + Multi-Users + RFID + X + frikkin' lasers on my head = whole lot of awesomeness!
  • Building an ant/bee-based computational engine
  • Arduino/Android-based Baby Monitor
  • VoIP switch/gateway: SIP and/or XMPP, Asterisk or FreeSwitch, etc
  • "Hacking my car"
  • Remote-control/autonomous 'bot mower/vacuum cleaner/sentry/helper-bot
  • Asset tracking: bar-code, RFID and/or QR Code
  • WiFi HotSpot
  • "Cloud DJ":
    • n+1 old IDE HDD's + 1x Arduino/Seeduino + n+2 media streams = live DJ/mix of cloud-based media
    • n+1 Andoid devices + n+1 Media Streams + bluetooth/wifi/3G P2P link = mobile mixer in ur pocket
  • "Nebula DJ": interactive A/V mixing/mashup, with multiple I/O; taking multiple input sources, interfacing with multiple controls, outputting to multiple devices
    • Input: physical content (CD, vinyl, radio signals, etc), digital content (OGG, FLAC, MP3, etc), streams (,, shoutcasts, soundcloud, etc), DLNA, network, etc
    • Control: MIDI controllers, digital mixers, keyboard, mouse, touchpads, gesture input/motion control (kinect), voice input, networked devices, web interfaces, joystick, etc
    • Output: Audio, Video (screens, projector), networked devices, streams, frikkin' lasers, robots, etc
  • Kite hacks
  • Rube Goldberg Machine
  • Learn to make moulds (& combine with using a RepRap)
  • OpenKinect
    • (see above)
    • Sign-language gesture text input
  • Alternative Locomotion:
    • mud/tidal-flat racer
    • Hovercraft
  • "WikiLinux": Interface Linux with a wiki interface to allow the collaborative interaction with the host OS.
    • Access filesystem via wiki-like interface; track changes, roll-backs, userspace
    • HTML5 GUI/WM
  • DIY rack-chassis
    • Google-style units
    • Integrated battery for UPS
    • Micro-controller integration:
      • Alerts: Case open
      • Thermal monitor
      • Remote power & reboot
  • Helper-bot
    • R2D2 or Dalek form-factor
    • Control:
      • Web, Android
      • Radio
      • Voice & Gesture
    • Feedback:
      • Audio prompts & synth
      • Display
      • Projection
      • Light displays
    • WebCam with laser-pointer
    • Light
    • Rudimentary grip
    • Augmentable appendages
    • Laser, IR & Ultasound range-finder & collision-avoidance
  • Scavenger Hunt: a MMORPG Augmented Reality GeoCaching game, making creative use of QR codes & mobiles
  • Multitouch Interface - ref:
  • QuadroDrone
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