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Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Nevyn. I'm a 30 year old, 3rd generation New Zealander (family's from India). I'm bearded at the moment so look quite terrorist like though I'm nothing of the sort.

What I would like to see from the Creative Space

I would like the Creative Space to be about the people. I would like it to keep some really core values in mind:

  • Space implies something physical. So things should be done physically where ever possible - physical meetings and communicating, focus groups should meet not just chat using Instant messaging etc.
  • Things should be done as a community - everyone should be encouraged to communicate.
  • Decisions should be decentralised - so it's not up to one person or a small group of people to decide how the Creative Space turns out or what projects they do or how things are run.
  • The Creative Space should be about it's community. Thus is shouldn't enter into deals that make it beholden to other interests - i.e. sponsorship should not result in changes to the constitution or forced advertisting etc. The community should therefore look at the potential effects that entering into deals may have, not just on the members of the Creative Space but also the community as a whole (so if a Trust get's it's money from slot machines, the effects of those slot machines should be examined before accepting any such money).

So the bits that excited me was the idea that we could get this completely funky cross polination of skills. Having a multi-disiplined group allows for results that cateer on different levels. i.e. something made by an artist and engineer is going to have aesthetic appeal as well as technical appeal.

That's why when I was talking about the project I wanted to do first, I wasn't really looking at something from within my own field (I.T.) - instead I was talking about a four colour silk screen printer as for me, it has so many interesting implications.

  • It results in a tool for the Creative Space.
  • I believe it has appeal for a lot of people out there (who hasn't wanted to put their own witticism on a t-shirt?)
  • It's very social sitting around coming up with design ideas for t-shirts.
  • It results in something individualised.

What skills can I bring to the Creative Space?

I really don't like the question truth be told.

I know there's this popular thing about being able to label your skills and put list them all out but I, and almost everyone I know, have interests in all sorts of areas. For example, I organise the meetings for AuckLUG (The Auckland Linux Users Group) so I have an interest in community. However, I also use Linux - but what does that mean? Does that mean I can set up servers? Possibly. I also love to work in the garden occassionally, have built things (like a rabbit hutch), I love cooking etc. I think I'm quite good at facilitating things. I spend a great deal of time trying to meet with people and get to know them. I'm big on Free software (and data and specifications and projects etc. This tying it down to just software irritates me). I try to encourage the idea of systems whereever I work - i.e. figuring out how information flows and how it can be improved (something that funnily enough gets negleted almost every where I've ever worked).

In otherwords, I don't want to define myself as a small list of things. If you want to know what I'm capable of, then talk to me.

Where am I

This bit doesn't really serve any purpose. I'm in Mt Eden. However, given that this information is in discreetly different places (i.e. this page only has where I live on it) it doesn't serve any real purpose except to make it so that someone would have to go through each and every "person" page and pull the information from there.

Other Future Projects?

I do have a few projects that I'd like to do throughout the year.

  • Provide an inexpensive (there'd be some expense as it'd rely on user pay rather than ad pay) email and other services facility - things like calendars and documents etc. The idea being that it should be an alternative to Google for those who care about freedom.
  • Co-operative supermarket :- as prices get worse (did the National Party really "forget" the effect that compound GST would have on final prices?!?) and given that people still need to eat, it'd make sense to have a supermarket that was co-opted. This would take away the motivation to do it for profit as it's members are it's customers.
  • Co-operative public transport :- The cost of public transport has been going up due to Petrol prices. The companies behind the public transport try to turn over a profit which may mean reduced runs or not really thinking about their customers (I've been at dodgy bus depots at night because the last bus hasn't turned up). The traffic issue in Auckland is NEVER going to get any better unless a suitable alternative is found to everyone "needing" their own car.
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