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This page details what we will aim to do for the web limp, on Saturday 30th July and Sunday 7th August.

  • Why does the Tangleball Website repeatedly give me "another user has edited this page, your changes cannot be saved" errors, when i try to edit a page and no-one else is working on it? can it be fixed, it's very annoying
  • Fix the @tangleball.org.nz email, so we don't need to rely on gmail
    • Gmail is the failover, & has it's benefits; we need a good, reliable in-house mail server (what lessons were learned from BumblePuppy?)
  • is there a drupal calendar module we can use, so we don't need to rely on google calendar?
    • Yes, but it's not quite that simple as embedding the g-cal (uses additional modules like views, fields, etc); the same for Media Galleries. This is why we'd ideally need a Drupal pro to "do it right" --Jaco 11:10, 13 July 2011 (NZST)
  • can we provide reliable, wired internet throughout the space?
    • present ~ "good enough"
  • I hate to see "Concern with aesthetics" with "WYSIWYG" as a solution. HTML is ugly, but preferably use WYSIWYM, e.g. Markdown or Textile.
  • allow a post (e.g. an event, comment, etc.) to be posted simultaneously to multiple services (our drupal website, facebook, twitter, google+, meetup.com, <social networking site number 18>....) at once
  • the front page is a bit cluttered and ADD-inducing; could we cull/combine some items?
    • should we combine the video (there are only 3 videos) page and images page?
    • are the hack-a-day and make magazine feeds relevant - should we remove them?
  • could we use something like gallery/gallery2, to create thumbnails for the images page - the current directory listing is not very appealing, and there's no information on what a lot of the images are of
    • could we create a tab called 'projects', to show what we are *currently* working on (this would require maintenance obviously, so it does not get stale) - at the moment, projects are very well buried in the wiki
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