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The "site" (collective term for the CMS, wiki & mailinglist) is under constant flux, and subject to members' influence


Infrastructure & Back-end

  • Ubuntu
  • LAMP stack
  • VPS
  • no SSH, SSL/TLS or HTTPS until migrated to a standalone host
  • Eventual goal would be to have a dedicated host; either a VM or bare-metal server
    • Live production-server in the "cloud" for access & uptime
    • Local "under-the-desk" server/system for development, testing & upload of changes once consensus is reached
  • Server-side cron-job Tuesday morning to backup & archive Site prior to weekly Meetings


  • Security
    • OWASP Top 10
    • HTTPS everywhere, back-end access only via VPN & SSH certs
    • Separation into zones: public-facing, systems, data & admin
    • Define privileges, right, responsibilities & restrict access
    • Backups - periodic & off-site
  • Inter-site integration:
    • Memebrship
      • Rights & permissions
      • Single sign-on via OpenID
        • Client
        • Provider
    • Posts
      • Content
      • Media (i.e. images)
      • Events
  • Concern with aesthetics & usability
  • Prevent spam & abuse


As per an earlier discusion during a meeting, we want to adopt a SteamPunk design for our online presence, as it reflects the ethic we'd like to project. This is for the Website, Wiki (if possible), email & flyers.

Ideally we'd like to design a [[SteamPunk]theme or skin, that we can then release back into the community at large under a Creative Commons licence, as we had difficulty findig an appropriate SteamPunk theme to use here.

Drupal portal (CMS) * This project has been discontinued

The principal CMS portal is based on Drupal (v.6.x a.t.m). DNS records are updated to make use of the TLD.

New site to be based on Drupal 7 (D7), as many of the more common modules have been migrated into the core, & the usability of the site for novice users has been vastly improved. A number of modules have not been ported to the new platform yet, but can be added as they become more stable.

Links to external services

"Social-media" sites & services

Modules currently in use

  • Images, for the eventual purposes of galleries:
  • Microblogging status-updates

(Module: AddToAny Share/Bookmark Button)

**live feed on portal of microblogging posts & cross-platform integration (simultaneous broadcasts to the twitters, & facebook, etc)


  • Galleries
    • Images
    • Videos
    • Audio

(Modules: Views, Event, Event Views & Calendar)

    • Upcoming Events
    • People/resource availability roster
    • due-dates (bills, etc)
  • WYSIWYG editor - would prefer not to use HTML unless absolutely necessary

(Module: FCKeditor - WYSIWYG HTML editor)

  • Anti-spam & anti-abuse finctions
    • Captcha
    • Member can sign on but only activated by an admin after vetting
  • People/Profiles/Who's who
    • semi-complete profiles for internal reference, but only display what's volunteered

MediaWiki Potral

Additional to-do notes posted here


PLEASE NOTE: *CATCHA's & BL's are only mitigators & have limited effectiveness against spammers & bots' (but at this stage still better than nothing)

email & Mailing-list

  • Mailing-list archived in Nabble in forum-layout


  • needs to be moved from "creative space" to "tangleball"
  • fix various mail modules

Additional resources

There are also a number or QR Codes renders available for use.



See the updated Web Sprint 3.0 (June 2012).

see Web limp

the web services are scattered over multiple servers and sites, with multiple admins. this project aims to centralise, rationalise, and get them working as we would like.

aims (simple terms):

  • everything under one domain name (, with redirects from and
  • mailing list, posts to be synchronised with a forum
  • website, which people can *easily* post material/content/events to
  • wiki for more detailed info on events, etc.
  • links to all above services from
  • links to external services
    • facebook
    • twitter
    • ??
  • all hosted on one machine
  • admin by one person, with nominated backup admins

aims (geek terms):

  • Sort out domains: Switch DNS to some nameserver we can control but keep the same A and MX records
  • Obtain a tarball of the web files on Nef's server
  • Obtain a mysql dump of the databases used by the apps on those domains
  • Set up web server config on Thomas's server
  • Use hosts file to test
  • Upload web files to Thomas' server
  • Create and upload database data to Thomas' server
  • Check mysql user permissions etc
  • Test apps with hosts file to make sure they answer to the domain and don't have permissions errors etc
  • Once all is OK, update DNS A records with new IP number
  • Check with host command that DNS is changed
  • Check access logs that new web server is serving requests on the domains

we'll be carrying this out on site at the tangle ball building on monday 31st jan (auckland anniversary day). if you'd like to help/lean/make suggestions, come along from 11 am.

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