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Proposed possible workshops.

Possibly free ($0), so as to encourage newcomers to participate in the space.

May be organised by a facilitator, but mainly an event where participants help each other.



Some workshop presenters or hosts may have an unspecified list of requirements that need to be fulfilled before they may be willing to commit:

  • When: A specific date, time & expected duration
  • Where: The de-facto location may be at the TB Venue, but it could be inside, outside, down-town, etc.
  • What: Desired outcomes
  • How: The format.
  • Who: A definite list or numbers of committed attendees, and the average skill-set
  • Why: what they will be gaining by offering up their valuable time (as opposed to spending it with their families). Is it part of a marketing exercise, or are they nurturing their respective comminuties?
  • How much: with they be paid, will it cost them money (in terms of tools or materials provided)?

Since they will be providing their own time & resources (probably at no cost), such contributors would not want to be "jerked around". They'd want to come in, may be socialise a bit, doe their thing & go home.


Possibly of running a series of workshop related to specific systems or platforms, especially those employed in-house, such as CMS (Drupal), CRM's (CiviCRM), Wiki's (MediaWiki), OS's (Linux), & others (OSM, micro-controllers)

Web Sprint

Set aside a limited period to tackle particular need of the web infrastructure.

Eloquent summary: "people take roles, eg content person, admin person, graphics person, people to make coffee etc. Everyone meets up with any required computer equipment in a place with internet access (tanglespace). And it's a race to complete all the objectives in the given time frame. If you finish before time, you add extra features to use the allocated time and when this is done competitively (with several teams) these count for bonus points"


LUG-style "installfest", where participants bring machines they need help with.

Fashioned on a basic BBQ-format for the day, visitors, participants & attendees can:

  • Troubleshooting & triage network-, hardware- & system-related issues
  • Help with the installation of new OS's & software
  • Provide basic instruction or training to achieve specific outcomes
  • Do some other *fun* stuff, such as a LAN-party

OSM workshop

An introduction & practical guide to using & contributing to OpenStreetMap

Robotics & Micro-controllers 101

Building a basic robot: an autonomous device reacting to environmental factors

InfoSec 101

An introduction - practical security 101 : doing it right

  • cryptography (crypto) & keys
  • certification (certs) & signing
  • hashing & integrity
  • common pitfalls

Introduction to use Blender



Learn to do your own screen prints


Hardware Fundamentals

Tool Basics

Care and use of hand-tools

Welding Basics


Similar to an "Install-fest", this is an opportunity for participants to get help fixing or "upcycling" faulty equipment



Culinary "hacks"


Bees and babeez

Bike Maintenance

  • Proposed to be last Sunday in the month, in the afternoon (to be confirmed)
  • First one to be Sunday 30th Jan and will cover puncture repair skills. For all ages and focus is on participation, there will be wheels and puncture repair equipment to use or bring your own.
  • Hosted by Tumeke Cycle Space
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