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Tangleball is a non-affiliated, non-hierarchical, self-organising, and independant collective. We value equality, autonomy, and self-determination.
PDF file that gives an overview of Tangleball



If you need somewhere to paint a picture, carve a sculpture, build something, fix something or create something, and you want to meet like-minded people, then Tangleball could be the place for you. If you have some tools but are missing others our workshop is built with our shared resources. For a showcase of some of our projects, check out this page, or look us up on Facebook for a wider selection.


Physically, Tangleball is located close to the central city, at 27 Edinburgh Street, which is off Karangahape Road. On the internet, you can find Tangleball at http://www.tangleball.org.nz/ and from there you can jump to the Tangleball pages on Facebook, Twitter and Meetup, or sign up for the discussion list. The Tangleball phone number is 022 069 2047. Use the website to find the current opening hours and watch out for our open days, a great time to visit and see what people are doing. Visiting the building is recommended if you want to know more, if you would like to, then see this page.


Tangleball membership (suggested payment: $15 per week) provides a space where the community can work on projects, socialise or hold meetings for community groups. Tangleball's goals include becoming equipped with a wide variety of tools for members to use and training members on the safe use of tools to expand their skills.

Tangleball is community-minded as well as having an interest in repairing, recycling and re-purposing to reduce environmental impact.

Who else?

Tangleball is home to the Tumeke Cycle Space. This group of cyclists teaches people how to maintain their bicycles and may repair your bicycle for a small donation or koha. You can find more information about the Tumeke Cycle Group and their opening times here: http://www.tumekecyclespace.org.nz/

The Auckland LISP user group also host meetings in the space, as do Openstreetmap New Zealand and various other groups. If you would like the venue for an event, let us know.

and remember: Tangleball is what YOU make of it. The group is about allowing individuals to follow their creative pursuits, by creating an environment and providing facilities. It needs people with imagination, ideas and drive to succeed.

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