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The cycle trailer is a Tangle Ball resource, available for members and non-members to use, away from the Tangle Ball building. It is owned by Robin P.



To borrow the trailer, fill out a page in the "Equipment loan book" at Tangle Ball. To borrow the trailer for more than three days, permission must be sought at a Tuesday meeting.

To attach it to your cycle, remove the seat and seat post and thread the seat post through the rubber grommet at the end of the tow bar. Keep the grommet in place, it is important to damp movement.

Then, reinsert the seat post in the down tube and tighten the seat attachment bolt.

Ensure the angled steel pin goes fully through the two vertical parts of the towbar hitch and the towbar.

Maximum tested load is 30kg. If you wish to test the trailer beyond this limit, please do so carefully, away from a road.

All loads should be secured down, for example with rope, bungee cords or tarpaulin.

As the trailer moves faster, so the tendency of the trailer to "hunt" increases. Ultimately at some high speed, the trailer will flip over, probably pulling the bicycle over too. Unloaded, the trailer has been tested at around 20km/h, at which point the hunting was bad enough that I slowed down to around 15km/h, where it was manageable. As there is more load on the trailer, so the likelihood of hunting decreases; with 30 kg, there was no noticeable hunting at 15km/h and only a small amount at 20km/h.


The trailer may be hacked, that is you are permitted to modify it as you see fit. The following conditions are limits to that permission:

  • It must remain as a trailer, that is you may not re-purpose it into something else if that prevents its use as a cycle trailer,
  • It must still be able to carry a similar-sized load, that is around 800mm long by 550mm wide, up to 30kg,
  • All loads must currently be tied to the deck, (removable) box sides would fix this limitation.

If you are in doubt as to appropriate modifications, discuss with other Tangle Ball members/guests. If you are still unsure, discuss at a Tuesday meeting.

To do

  • It can only be used on cycles with a seat post less than 28mm diameter.
  • It can only be used on cycles without a load above the rear wheel.

Both of these limitations may be fixed by making a second tow bar which attaches to one or both of the rear forks of a cycle.

  • Hunting restricts maximum speed the trailer can safely be used at, this can be fixed by permanently adjusting the tracking.


You may not use the trailer for any commercial activity.

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