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To visit and use Tangle Ball on an informal or infrequent basis, membership is not necessary. The building and resources are intended for the local community to use, the barrier to entry is purposefully kept as low as possible. To visit Tangleball, check out the information here. If you have benefited from using the Tangle Ball space or facilities, a donation would be appreciated, the koha tin is located on top of the vending machine in the entrance.

Getting involved in decisions

Taking part in weekly decisions at Tangle Ball is open to anyone, simply come along to our Tuesday meetings, and speak on whichever Tangle Ball-related topic you wish.

If you would like to be kept up to date on more significant discussions and proposals such as changes to the constitution ad by-laws, then pass your details to the secretary. These should include your name, and one or more of your phone number, email address, physical address. You will then be added to our list, and contacted when there are any important decisions and debates upcoming.

Contributing members

If you wish to have a swipe card for the front door, and hence 24 hour access to the building, these are the conditions:

  1. Attend four Tuesday administration meetings;
  2. Start paying subscription fees - current recommended amount for this is $15
  3. Take part - show that you wish to be an active part of the community, that you understand Tangle Ball's values of non-hierarchy, consensus-based decision-making and equality for all;
  4. After completing the above, you will be given a key. You will also gain voting rights at Annual, Weekly and Special General Meetings; shelf space to store your projects and tools; a wiki logon and access to create and edit events on the page.

To start off the joining process, as ever the best way to find out more is to visit; see this page to find out when and how.

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