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How to become a member

To become a member of Tangleball, first attend four weekly meetings on Tuesday nights. The purpose of doing so is to achieve several things, including meeting other members, learning how Tangleball operates (with its as-flat-as-possible hierarchy structure) and learning the process of how things can be changed/improved/added/deleted/complained about etc. If you can't attend on Tuesday nights please contact Tangleball to see if some alternative can be set up. Tuesday night meeting information

Once the above step is done, there are two more steps for you to take and one for Tangleball to take:

Firstly, the Secretary is required to hold your contact details, so please provide them to the Secretary.

Secondly, start making membership payments. Direct deposit into the Tangleball bank account is preferable, the account details are written on a bank deposit slip attached to the window on the east side of the meeting room. Please use your name as the reference. Cash may be given to the Treasurer who will bank it for you and return the bank deposit slip to you as your receipt but this is not so preferable.

Membership payments are $15.00 per week but can be more or less depending on your ability to pay. Please inform the Treasurer what your membership payment plan is.

Tangleball's step is to consider any submissions from existing members regarding your suitability for membership - for example if you're known to steal tools and sell them to fund your P habit, you might be turned down for Tangleball membership.

Membership Benefits

Members have 24 hour access to Tangleball using the electronic entry system. The last member locks up when they leave.

Members can (but don't have to) allow visitors to use the facilities at Tangleball (provided the visitors have been checked out on the tools they wish to use). Visitors are not left by themselves at Tangleball, when the last member leaves they shepherd the visitors out and lock up.

Members have a right to vote at the Annual General Meeting and Weekly General Meetings.

Members have storage space at Tangleball, which can be used for their projects, personal tools and personal materials. Storage space is around 45 litres per member.

Members may use the Tangleball Gilmore's Card and N3 Trade Cards.

Membership Duties

Members are required to keep their contact details up to date with the Secretary.

Members are expected to behave in a manner which does not result in the injury of themselves or others and does not result in the breakage or inoperability of tools.

Members should follow the rules.

Ending Membership

To cease membership, contact the Secretary and the Treasurer and inform them of your desire to cease membership. Please clean out your personal storage space.

If your membership payments cease the Treasurer and Secretary will work to contact you about your continued membership. If you are uncontactable or do not reply within a reasonable time it will be assumed that you do not wish to remain a member. If after a reasonable time your storage space has not been cleaned out then its contents will become forfeit.

The Committee has the power to remove members for inappropriate behavior but hates to use this power.

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