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This page shows a selection of some of the projects we have worked on at Tangle Ball. It does not aim to cover everything we have done, it does aim to show a wide variety: artistic, technical, electronics, woodwork, audio, sculpture, metalwork, and many others.


Melissa's Boat

Melissa used Tangle Ball for two months in mid 2013 to construct a wooden dory, as part of an artwork protesting against government treatment and demonisation of refugees. The artwork was displayed at a gallery in Wellington, and the boat was later launched on Panmure lagoon - see here for photos. Assistance and advice was provided by Oren, Wayne, Melissa's brother, and many of the boat-builders who wandered past the space, heavy-lifting by whoever was present as required. But remember: only Master boat builders can build boats, and they don't share that information with anybody.

Thomas' Car

Thomas brought a 20 year-old Peugeot 205 to Tangle Ball, prepared the surface, and then invited Tangle Ball members and anyone else who wished to, to add their artistic ideas to the body work. The result included satirical comment on the NSA's mass data interception, a Piet Mondrian-inspired design and the hypnotoad. See the photos here. Thomas drove the car around Auckland on a daily basis and has since sold it, it is still used as day-to-day transport and gets lots of interest and comments.


This is an ongoing project at Tangle Ball; numerous members, including Wayne, Robin and Cheng have experimented with brewing and distilling a variety of beers, spirits and wines.

Tumeke Cycle Space

This group has shared the building with Tangle Ball since opening in 2010, they assist people who wish to mend and maintain their cycles, loan tools and equipment and do lots of good work advocating for cycling in Auckland. See their website for more information and opening hours.

Tangle Ball

Tangle Ball is itself the biggest, most significant project we engage in. We are experimenting with various methods of managing the resources, making decisions, and interacting with each other. Through this experimentation we have somewhat settled on a consensus-based method, with absolute equality between those who use the space, and a rejection of any form of hierarchy. It has provided for lively debate, and an appearance of a divided group. To some extent this is true - there are multiple views on some topics, and dissent is actively encouraged and promoted. On the core points of sharing resources, and shared management, however there is a general consensus, and a commitment to steer away from domination by a small group.

Giant Jenga

What do you do if you have several meters of 50 x 100 treated timber reclaimed from a demolished building? Build a giant Jenga game of course. A favourite at open days, see here for photos and a particularly well-timed video of Gary taking the last block.

LCD Projector

A simple, but highly collaborative and very useful project. Joe suggested the idea, designs and ideas were sourced from various websites, overhead projectors were donated by AUT and delivered by Ed, Jaco provided two LCD monitors and did the disassembly and wiring with Max, Robin made a case, since improved and strengthened by parties unknown. The premise is to take a small LCD monitor, remove the back, and then place the now transparent display on a circa-1990s overhead projector. The LCD screen can then be connected to any computer by a standard monitor port, and the display projected on to a nearby wall. Extra points for imaginative reuse of now obsolete technology.

Open day cooking

From 101 uses for chokos, to a pizza oven built from a washing machine, and Ukrainian bread, a central part of Tangle Ball's open days is the baking and cooking. Visitors are encouraged to sample whatever is being prepared, or to bring along their own ideas and recipes.

Debate and discussion

In the past 3 years, we have hosted various discussions on topics including internet privacy in the wake of Edward Snowden's revelations and the 2011 bill to criminalise file-sharing, plus multiple informal conversations on topics including economics, anarchist theory, performance art, internet security, philosophy and organisation techniques. Tangle Ball is far more than a mere maker's shed, we aim for it to be a social space too, on Saturday and Sunday afternoons there are often people making projects as well as talking through the topic of the day.

Many, many others

There are too many projects to list them all here, to find out more of the things we do, make, build, modify, code, sew, repair, bake ..., visit the space.

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