Roller Door Write-Up

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Roller Doors


Do not let go of or lose control of the chain and “freewheel” the door down
Do not stand directly under the door when raising or lowering.
Place the traffic cone over the latch on the ground when the door is up
Do not leave either door up when the workshop is empty


Do not raise or lower the door before 9am or after 9:30pm. In the case of rare exceptions, please raise and lower the door very slowly as to not wake the lovely neighbours upstairs or along the street.


The doors should be cleaned approximately every 24 months.

Use with Care:

Do not lock the padlock to anything (eg the chain or the bolt) when the door is open.
The West door (Tumeke side) sticks and the bottom needs to be pushed in while lifting, for the first 200mm of lift.

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