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The Auckland CreativeSpace is the initiative of a few people who wanted to bring the benefits of hackerspaces/makerspaces to Auckland.

We had our first meeting on the 15th of May, 2010. We had 20 attendees and started a mailing list and wiki immediately afterwards.

Our presence here is only temporary. Even the URL is temporary. The name Auckland Creative Space is in use already as a set of offices where an individual can rent an office and still be in the company of others [1] as well as being coined by an architecture firm [2] and in a New Zealand wide context is a space set up for people with "limited opportunities" to be able to do creative works. [3]

I would say the very wide use of the name already existing is only evidence that there is nothing wrong with further use of the phrase for this project. David 03:43, 19 May 2010 (UTC)

Our home page can be found here.

The intention for the creativespace.org.nz URL is to eventually become a portal for the various Creative Spaces around the place.

Eventually the wiki, mailing list and web page will move to its own server.

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