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Perhaps you would like to visit Tangleball, or ask about some project we are working on, get help on your own project, or maybe you're curious about who we are and what we do? The best way to find out about Tangleball and its members is to visit.

Our address is:
27 Edinburgh Street,

The entrance is on Ophir Street, near the corner with Edinburgh

There are several times to visit:

Monday night, Maker night, from 6:30pm onwards:
This is the best time to visit, to meet other members, and to get help with your project.

Come and check out Tangleball makers as we work on our projects. Bring your projects, ask questions, learn new skills and make friends - not always in that order.

It is also when we are best prepared to receive guests - there will always be someone to show you around, and talk to you about projects and how we are organised.

Note: Monday Maker night is having a hiatus, try the Wednesday Workshop instead

At Tuesday administration meetings, from 7pm onwards:
This is the best time to learn about how Tangleball is run.

Tuesday evenings are the time when the most people will be at the building; we have our weekly administration meeting and discuss ways to make Tangleball work better.
From 7pm we have our administration meeting, then we clean, socialise and talk about projects from around 8pm. Tangleball usually closes some time between 9pm and midnight, depending on the discussion topic and any group project we may carry out. Those who are free after the meeting usually go for coffee/food, and talk more about the maker space, and anything else which comes up. All are welcome to join too - provided transport is available

During the meeting we usually appoint a tour guide or two, they will show guests around, explain how membership works, and answer any questions guests may have.

Wednesday Workshop, every second Wednesday evening, dates posted on Meetup and Facebook

At some other scheduled event:
There are various events which are held at Tangleball, such as open days, where we show off our most recent projects; board games night and Lisp meetups. Anyone is welcome to visit any of these, they are usually advertised on the Facebook, Twitter, or accounts.

By making an appointment to visit:
We can be contacted by various means, and through these you may be able to schedule a visit with a member, depending upon availability.

By visiting unannounced at some other time:
The Twitter feed on the left of the Tangleball website is fairly reliable at announcing when the building is open. If you wish, keep your eye on that, or subscribe to the Twitter feed yourself, and drop by when you see we are open.

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