Winding Up

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This pages contains lists of stuff to do with winding up


Power Tools

The following tools belong to Peter. Peter's brother-in-law can house them for Peter.

Table saw, mill drill, belt-driven compressor, thicknesser.

The following tools belong to Wayne, Wayne will take them.

Small drill press, drop saw,

The following tools belong to Karen and Wayne is responsible for them, Wayne will take them.

Large band-saw, small band-saw, compressor.

Owned by Gary, scroll saw, fate undetermined.

Owned by Tangleball, fate yet to be determined:

Large tools: Large CNC machine small CNC machine, lathe

Small tools: bench grinder 1, bench grinder 2, angle grinder, router, heat gun, glue gun, power drill 1, power drill 2, black jigsaw, red jigsaw, green jigsaw, green skilsaw, red skilsaw, Bosch sander, Hitachi sander, Maktec sander, black planer, green planer, yellow vacuum cleaner, grey vacuum cleaner.

Tables and Chairs

Jort will fill in something later.


Jort will take the books from the Tangleball library. If you have personal books in the library and want them back please collect them before Jort clears the lot out.


Vending machine - sell on Trademe?

Giant clock, strange attractor artwork, cabinet in the meeting room - these are Waynes and he will take them.

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